Conservative Treatment Tips For Reducing Plantar Fasciitis Pain


If you have heel pain and heel spurs due to a plantar fasciitis condition, then you should look at ways that you can treat your condition. This is ideal to reduce the pain that is commonly associated with the ailment. While surgery is sometimes necessary, there are a number of ways that you can implement more conservative treatments. Keep reading to learn about a few. Use Inserts In Your Shoes

5 June 2018

Bunions Causing Searing Pain This Winter? 3 Steps To Help Soothe Your Aching Feet


If you suffer from bunions, you know how unbearable the cold winter weather can be. When the weather turns cold, the searing pain heads right to them. Unfortunately, once the cold weather settles into your feet, the pain can be difficult to get rid of, even with medication. That's because when you have bunions, your feet are particularly susceptible to the cold. If the cold weather has gone right to your feet, here are three simple steps you can take to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

23 February 2018

Two Non-surgical Treatment Options For Neuroma


Neuroma is a nerve injury in the foot that commonly occurs in people who participate in high-impact sports, such as basketball, karate, and running. This condition is characterized by the development of a benign growth on the nerves of the foot, which leads to pain, numbness, and other symptoms. Although the condition can be corrected with surgery, here are two alternative treatments you can try before deciding to go under the knife.

1 November 2017

Preventing Toenail Fungus: Four Things To Consider


Toenail fungus can cause the thickening and discoloration of your toenails. In some cases, it can even become painful. Your podiatrist can help to diagnose and treat this condition, but there are a few things you can do to prevent this type of fungus from becoming a problem. Here are some things to consider that can help to prevent toenail fungus. Disinfect Nail Accessories Disinfecting your nail clippers, files, and other accessories can help to prevent fungus, and it can also help to prevent spreading the fungus you may already have to other toe and fingernails.

23 August 2017

Tips For Reducing Activity And Exercise-Induced Ankle Pain


If you enjoy sports or like to run, bike, or involve yourself in some other type of exercise, then you may understand that your muscles, tendons, and ligaments must remain strong and secure. If your ankles seem to hurt after your exercise, then they may be weaker than they should be. If you do not want to stop exercising and staying active, then you should work to ensure that your ankles can retain the stress.

28 June 2017

Tingling In Your Toes? It Could Be A Neuroma


Has your foot been feeling tingly and maybe a bit numb lately? Is this numbness and tingling centered around the area where your toes meet your foot, possibly extending up into your toes themselves? Chances are, you're suffering from a condition known as a neuroma. The good news is that while neuromas are uncomfortable, they can almost always be treated non-surgically. Here's a closer look at this condition and how to manage it.

5 June 2017

Laser Treatments Might Be The Solution For Your Stubborn Toenail Fungus


If you have a fungal infection in one of your toenails, you're probably frustrated at how difficult it is to get rid of. Topical fungal creams aren't very effective and while your doctor can prescribe oral medication, it might not work either. It also has the potential for some serious side effects. The solution might be to undergo laser nail treatment for your fungus. Here's some more information on how it works.

17 May 2017