Cracked Heels: Why Seeing a Podiatrist Is Essential for Effective Treatment


Cracked heels, also known as heel fissures, are a common foot condition. While many people attempt to manage cracked heels with home remedies or over-the-counter products, seeking professional care from a podiatrist is essential for effective treatment and long-term foot health. Accurate Diagnosis Podiatrists are highly trained medical professionals specializing in diagnosing and treating foot and ankle disorders. When you see a podiatrist for cracked heels, they will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your feet to accurately diagnose your condition's underlying cause.

4 April 2024

How Does A Podiatrist Treat A Diabetic Foot Ulcer?


If you have diabetes, you need to check your feet each day for signs that you're developing a diabetic ulcer; one sign would be the skin on your feet appearing red and inflamed. Checking your feet is especially important if you have diabetic neuropathy, which is a form of nerve damage that can greatly reduce your ability to feel pain. If you notice that you're developing an ulcer on your foot, you'll need to seek treatment from a podiatrist to prevent it from becoming severely infected.

27 March 2023

Relieving Your Heel Pain: 3 Things You Can Do


Pain in the heels can cause a number of issues for you. You may have a difficult time doing everyday things. Simple tasks such as just getting up and walking to the kitchen can be difficult. Standing at the sink to do the dishes or cooking can be difficult with heel pain, and other everyday tasks can also be difficult as well. You need to find relief for the pain in your heels and getting to the podiatrist for an appointment may be necessary in order to find that relief.

16 September 2022

FAQs About Getting Cortisone Injections For Plantar Fasciitis Treatment


Plantar fasciitis can be really persistent. You can rest, ice your foot, and take time off from activity — but still have the bottom of your foot aching and pulling at the end of the day. If you've found yourself in a situation in which conservative treatments have not brought you much relief, then your podiatrist might recommend getting cortisone shots in your plantar fascia. Here are some common questions and answers about that process.

24 February 2022

What to Expect After a Bunionectomy


A bunion is a protrusion of the side of the big toe where the joint is being pressed out because the toe itself is being pressed in. This is quite often a result of wearing shoes that are too narrow for your feet, or that are too tight on your feet. If you have a bunion that has gotten out of hand, you may need to consider getting surgery to have it removed.

2 July 2021

Keep Your Feet Healthy This Winter: 3 Tips


Your feet are going to feel the brunt of the winter cold. Your feet need to be cared for properly throughout the winter months to protect them from things such as cracking feet, dry feet, frostbite, and other issues, including injuries. Read on for tips to help keep your feet healthy this winter. If you experience any pain or soreness in your feet, from cold or from ill-fitting snow boots, a podiatrist can give you recommendations to care for your feet.

24 November 2020

Tips For Proper Healing And Recovery After A Total Ankle Replacement


If you have dealt with a major ankle injury at some point or another, it might be time for a total ankle replacement. If you are going to have a total ankle replacement surgery done, it's important for you to focus on proper healing and recovery. These tips can help you a lot. Have Surgery Done By the Right Medical Professional First of all, when having something as important as a total ankle replacement surgery done, it's important to make sure that you work with the right medical professional.

13 November 2019