What to Expect After a Bunionectomy


A bunion is a protrusion of the side of the big toe where the joint is being pressed out because the toe itself is being pressed in. This is quite often a result of wearing shoes that are too narrow for your feet, or that are too tight on your feet. If you have a bunion that has gotten out of hand, you may need to consider getting surgery to have it removed. This type of surgery is called a bunionectomy. It's a procedure in which the bunion is shaved down and the big toe is moved back into its proper place. If you are going to be having this type of procedure, you should be aware of what to expect after the surgery. Read on for tips about what you can expect.

Time Off

You probably aren't going to be able to walk after this surgery. If you are still working, you're more than likely going to need to take a few weeks off of work. You're going to need time to recover. You should be taking this time to properly heal and prevent injuring yourself by going to work too soon. Be sure you are approved to take this time off with your employer and get the time you need to rest.

Crutches, Wheelchair Or Scooter

After you've had a bunionectomy, you're going to need to be in a wheelchair, need crutches, or use a scooter to rest your foot on so you can get around. You'll also probably have a boot or a cast on your foot. This is going to help prevent you from trying to walk on your foot that you had the surgery on, so be sure you use whatever it is your podiatrist suggests you use. If crutches are too difficult for you to use, a wheelchair or a scooter you kneel on may be a better option for you. In this case, you're also going to want to make your home more accessible to you.

Swelling And Pain

Your foot is going to be swollen and you will have some pain in your foot. You need to be sure you keep your boot or cast on your foot and take any prescribed medications provided by your podiatrist to help you feel better. 

If you have a bunion and you need to have a bunionectomy treatment to have your bunion removed, talk to your podiatrist about what you can expect after the surgery and what you should know in order to help you heal quickly.


2 July 2021

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