Relieving Your Heel Pain: 3 Things You Can Do


Pain in the heels can cause a number of issues for you. You may have a difficult time doing everyday things. Simple tasks such as just getting up and walking to the kitchen can be difficult. Standing at the sink to do the dishes or cooking can be difficult with heel pain, and other everyday tasks can also be difficult as well. You need to find relief for the pain in your heels and getting to the podiatrist for an appointment may be necessary in order to find that relief. There may also be a few things that you can do to help with the pain. Read on for some tips to alleviate your pain.

1. Rest When Necessary

You can't keep pushing yourself, or you are always going to be in pain. You need to rest your feet when necessary and give them time to heal properly. Continuing to push yourself more and more is only going to worsen whatever ailment is going on with your feet. Take the necessary time you need, put your feet up after a long day, and relax them as much as you can to help with swelling and pain.

2. Use Shoe Inserts

Shoe inserts and supports can be added to your shoes to help with foot pain. It can help give you more support in your feet and can be used in just about any shoe you wear. If you have worn-out shoes that aren't offering you any more support, you should change your shoes, but when this isn't possible, the shoe inserts can help. You can find inserts anywhere that shoes are sold, and you can talk to your podiatrist about getting them custom-made for your feet as well.

3. Tape Your Heels

To help offer more support for your heels, you may be able to tape your heels using kinesiology tape on your heels or on your arch. Tape your feet daily and change the tape often. Tape across the heel and then from the foot pad, up the back of the heel to give you extra support.

If you have pain in your heels, it can make things a lot more difficult for you. Make an appointment with the podiatrist for a diagnosis and checkup, and for treatment options so you can feel like yourself again and can move about without pain in your heels any longer.

For more information on heel pain relief, contact a professional near you.


16 September 2022

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