Tips For Proper Healing And Recovery After A Total Ankle Replacement


If you have dealt with a major ankle injury at some point or another, it might be time for a total ankle replacement. If you are going to have a total ankle replacement surgery done, it's important for you to focus on proper healing and recovery. These tips can help you a lot.

Have Surgery Done By the Right Medical Professional

First of all, when having something as important as a total ankle replacement surgery done, it's important to make sure that you work with the right medical professional. This is not a minor surgery; instead, it is a serious procedure, and it is critical to do your research about the doctor who will be performing the surgery.

Limit Movement After Surgery

In the first couple of days and weeks of your surgery, it is important to limit your movement as much as possible. Although you might be tempted to get up and try out your new ankle, doing so could put you at risk of falling or could put too much pressure on the surgical site in the initial days. Instead, make sure that you limit movement as much as possible. If you have friends or family members who can help you with things around the house, it's best to let them assist you so that you can get plenty of rest right after your surgery.

Wear Your Boot or Splint

After the first couple of weeks of the healing process, you will typically need to wear a boot or a splint for a few weeks. This is necessary to provide protection and stability for your ankle during the healing process. Some people choose to remove their boot or splint too early because they are uncomfortable wearing it because it restricts their movement or because they think they don't need it. However, even if you start feeling better or even if you find the boot or splint to be annoying, it is important to wear it until your doctor tells you to do otherwise. When the boot or splint helps you heal up properly, you will probably be glad that you did.

Getting a total ankle replacement surgery is a big deal, and it's probably important to you to make sure that you heal properly. You can help make sure that your surgery is a success overall and that matters go as well as possible by following the advice above. Your surgeon can give you more information about total ankle replacement surgery and can help you make sure that your surgery goes the right way.


13 November 2019

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