How A Podiatrist Can Help You Manage And Prevent A Painful Gout Attack In Your Toe


Gout is a painful condition that affects your joints. Gout results because of too much uric acid in your body that causes acid crystals to accumulate in a joint. The condition can occur anywhere, but a common place for gout to strike is the big toe. Since a gout attack is painful and can last for weeks if untreated, seeing a podiatrist for pain relief and healing is often necessary. Here are some symptoms of gout and how your foot doctor might treat the condition when it affects your big toe joint.

Signs You Could Have Gout

The symptoms of gout can be confusing when it first strikes. You might think you have a toe infection since your skin could be red and the joint might be swollen. Gout often has an outer appearance of a swelling from an infection or injury, so getting a proper diagnosis is important. You may also have intense pain with gout that is made worse with the slightest pressure from a sheet, sock, or shoe. You may not be able to tolerate wearing footwear or even walking. Gout can strike suddenly, and it's common for it to flare up at night when you're in bed sleeping.

Gout Treatments Your Podiatrist Might Try

Treating gout involves relieving pain, reducing swelling, and eliminating the uric acid crystals from the joint. Your podiatrist might recommend anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling of your toe. A reduction in swelling will also relieve some of your pain. The podiatrist may inject corticosteroid medication directly into your toe for more effective results. Other medications can be used for gout too, such as medications that relieve pain, dissolve uric acid crystals, reduce the formation of crystals, and improve your body's ability to remove uric acid.

Your podiatrist will also recommend ways you can deal with the pain at home such as keeping the foot elevated and wearing a slipper or sandal around the house rather than trying to wear a sock or shoe. Since gout can be a chronic condition, you may be encouraged to lose weight so you reduce your risk of future attacks.

Gout attacks can usually be managed and prevented through diet, too. Certain foods can trigger a gout attack. These foods are high in purines, and your podiatrist may give you a list of these foods so you can avoid them as much as possible. Managing your gout is important because your toe joint can be permanently damaged if the condition is not treated. When the joint is damaged, then surgery might be needed to repair the joint so you can regain normal movement and joint function.

For more information, talk to your podiatrist.


13 March 2019

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