5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Feet When You Have Diabetes


When you have diabetes, you need to take extra care of your feet. When you don't take care of your diabetes, the nerves in your feet can get damaged, resulting in sensory diabetic neuropathy, where you don't feel in your feet as you should, which can lead to a host of other feet problem. You can also develop neuropathic pain as a side-effect of diabetes, so you want to be vigilant about foot care when you have diabetes.

1. Engage in Daily Inspections

First, you should engage in daily inspections of your feet. If you lose sensation in your feet, it is easy for an issue with your feet to go unnoticed. Check your feet to see if there are any cracks, wounds, or sores on your feet. Also, check for general dryness as well. If your feet are really dry, put some cream or lotion on your feet to prevent your feet from cracking. If your feet are cracking or you have wounds or sores, clean the area and get help from your doctor.

2. Check Hot Water With Your Hand

Second, it is common to lose nerve sensation in your feet with diabetes. When you go to check the temperature of your tub, pool, or hot tub, don't dip your foot into the water. You could easily burn your foot without realizing it, ending up with a blister, which can easily lead to an infection on your foot. Instead, use your elbow to test the temperature of the water.

3. Invest in Diabetic Footwear

Third, invest in diabetic footwear. Wear socks that don't have seams, have good padding, and are designed to help control and wick away moisture.

When it comes to shoes, go for shoes that really protect your feet on all sides. Look for shoes with more space around the toes, to protect you from stubbing your toes. Try to find shoes that don't have seams inside of them that will rub against your foot. The right shoes can help protect you against diabetic foot complications.

4. Always Protect Your Feet

Always protect your feet, regardless of if you are inside or outside. You don't want to scratch or cut your feet, especially when you may not be able to feel the damage until it is too late. Always wear shoes when you are outside. Protect your feet when you are inside with slippers and socks.

5. Keep Your Feet Dry

Next, work to keep your feet dry. When you get out of the shower, dry your feet off in between your toes. If you ever end up with wet or sweaty socks or shoes, take them off as soon as you can and dry off your feet, focusing on the space between your toes. The space between your toes can hold moisture in, breaking down your skin, and leading to an infection. Try to keep the space between your toes dry.

For more information on neuropathic pain treatment, contact your local podiatrist's office today.


2 November 2018

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