Conservative Treatment Tips For Reducing Plantar Fasciitis Pain


If you have heel pain and heel spurs due to a plantar fasciitis condition, then you should look at ways that you can treat your condition. This is ideal to reduce the pain that is commonly associated with the ailment. While surgery is sometimes necessary, there are a number of ways that you can implement more conservative treatments. Keep reading to learn about a few.

Use Inserts In Your Shoes

Heel pain is obviously coming from the heel region of your foot. However, it is caused by the long and thick plantar fascia ligament running along the arch of the foot. This ligament places significant pressure on the heel, where the spur is located, and you feel a good deal of pain. As the spur places stress on the ligament, the tissue becomes inflamed, and you will feel more pain.

If you can reduce the pressure along the heel and the fascia, your pain will subside, especially as you walk. There are a few types of inserts that can help with this. Heel seats are one type that sit just underneath the heel. The inserts cushion the heel and place slight pressure on the fascia. This helps to stretch out the ligament so it no longer presses against the heel spur.

Other inserts run along the length of the fascia to stretch it over time. This reduces pressure and stress much in the same way that the heal seat does. 

If your bone spurs are mild to moderate, you may be able to use a simple arch supporting shoe insert, as well. Speak with your podiatrist about this to learn about the best product for your condition.

Take Supplements

Bone spurs form due to an overgrowth of bone tissue. Typically, the plantar fascia ligament will place pressure on the calcaneus bone; in response to the stress, the bone will grow extra tissue. This is a natural process that occurs all over the body, and it helps the bones bulk up where more strength is needed. 

Unfortunately, a bone spur is often a smaller growth of calcium that is pointed and sharp. This is why it is likely to cause some discomfort. If the spur is able to grow a bit more to round itself out or remodel itself in a way that is not as painful, then the fasciitis condition may resolve itself.

To make sure that remodeling and bone growth are possible, consume the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to build strong bones. Calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium are a few examples. You can either ingest these nutrients through your diet or you can take supplements. 


5 June 2018

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