Tips For Reducing Activity And Exercise-Induced Ankle Pain


If you enjoy sports or like to run, bike, or involve yourself in some other type of exercise, then you may understand that your muscles, tendons, and ligaments must remain strong and secure. If your ankles seem to hurt after your exercise, then they may be weaker than they should be. If you do not want to stop exercising and staying active, then you should work to ensure that your ankles can retain the stress. Keep reading to learn about some things you can do to help your ankle pain.

Increase Balance

Many athletes need to work on their proprioception. This term refers to an individual's ability to recognize their own body and its position in space. Basically, proprioception training helps you to understand where the different parts of your body are sitting in relation to one another as you exercise and move.  

The most basic part of the training involves strengthening your balance. Good balance can go a long way in reducing your ankle pain by keeping your body positioned properly so the ankles are not placed under pressure and stress. 

If you want to enhance your balance and reduce ankle pain in the process, then add some exercises to your daily regimen. The exercises involve standing on one foot for 30 to 60 seconds and then switching to the opposite foot for 30 to 60 seconds. Complete this exercise in 10 different rounds. Once you can balance on each foot and keep your body straight, work with a partner and throw a ball back and forth as you complete the 30 to 60 second stands. You can also complete squats on one foot. 

Strengthen The Ankles

If you are interested in weight lifting or weight training, then you probably do not spend any time working on your feet and ankles. This is not uncommon, so you should add some resistance training exercises that are specifically able to assist with ankle strength. The training can be completed with the help of an exercise band. These bands have many different names but are often referred to as strength, mobility, or exercise belts. 

Wrap the band around the front of the foot and place the other side of the band on a chair or another stable object. Make sure the band is tight and you feel some resistance. Start by moving your foot to the right so the foot makes a 45 degree angle with your ankle. Move the foot back to the center and complete this exercise 20 times. Complete the same movement by moving your foot to the left. 

You also should wrap the band around the back of the foot and exercise by angling your foot forward. 


28 June 2017

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