Foot Issues 101: 3 Tips For Visiting The Foot Doctor For The First Time


Just like any other part of your body, your feet may begin to experience issues such as pain or tenderness. Unfortunately, this can interrupt your daily life – as needing to constantly sit can cause issues with your work, household chores, and more. Luckily, there is a doctor just for foot-related issues: the podiatrist.

If you have never been to the foot doctor, you be feeling a little bit unprepared. However, preparing for your first trip is easy. With these three tips, you can ensure that your appointment goes smoothly:

1. Be Specific

Just like when you go to any doctor, you should be very specific when talking about your symptoms. So if you haven't already, begin taking notes now. Notate when the pain started, when it occurs, how frequently it occurs, and so on. You should be as specific as possible because your symptoms may be associated with the shoes you wear. Your symptoms may also be associated with medications or even foods. So be very detailed and bring all of this information with you to the podiatrist. This will make it much easier to find – and correct – the issue affecting your feet.

2. Remove Polish

A lot of people believe that their feet should always look good when visiting the foot doctor. While clean feet are appreciated, there is no need to have a pedicure. In addition, there is no need to apply fresh polish or glitter. In fact, painting your toenails may disguise the problem if it is fungus related. So instead of applying fresh polish, remove the old stuff and clean your feet well. This will ensure that the podiatrist gets a good look at your feet in their natural state – and this will make it much easier to identify the problem.

3. Bring a Pair of Shoes

Finally, make sure that you bring a pair of shoes with you to your appointment. If a specific pair of shoes are causing you discomfort, bring those. Otherwise, bring the shoes you wear the most. The podiatrist can learn a lot of information about your feet just by looking at your shoes. The wear patterns will tell the doctor how you walk, which may just be associated with the issue you're having. If you frequently wear insoles, be sure the bring those too – for the same reasons.

As you can see, it is very easy to prepare for a trip to the foot doctor. With these tips, you'll be well on your way to happier – and healthier – feet.


3 May 2017

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Hello, my name is Vicki Sutherland. Welcome to my site about podiatrist services. As I reached old age, I took a good hard look at the condition of my feet. For so long, I ignored the pain and discomfort that resulted from constantly wearing shoes suited for the workplace. Those shoes put unnecessary pressure on my toes and heels, resulting in a number of damaged sections. Eventually, I decided to go into the podiatrist for treatment. The treatment restored my feet and eliminated the bulk of the discomfort. I would like to talk about all of the diagnostic procedures and treatments provided by the podiatrist. I hope you can use the information I provide to heal your feet as well. Thanks.